Clifton Recreation Department
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Refund Policy

A request for refund must be made in WRITING five (5) business days (Mon. – Fri.) before the program begins, except for trips which require ten (10) business days.  Refunds will NOT be issued for 1-day workshops, seminars, special events, once the program starts, or if your child is suspended or dismissed from a program for behavior reasons.  Full refunds are granted in the event that a class is cancelled by the Recreation Department.  All refunds will follow the Finance Department's bill-paying schedule and will be issued by City check (no cash refunds, and a social security number must be furnished to receive your refund).  Allow 4 – 6 weeks for refunds to be received.  Failure to return signed purchase order within 3 months of issuance will result in cancellation of refund.  A $5.00 - $10.00 service charge, will be assessed per participant / per activity / per transaction for all requested refunds and program transfers.  Individuals may have the option of receiving credit instead of a refund.